Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Vision for this Blog

I would soon be replacing this blog with a new one called The Heart Tweakers.  I find the initial title quite limited and pretty much sounds taboo.

I like to create a community where members would support each other in breaking their own undesirable habits and create good ones.  We would share and apply methods that are useful, simple, and compassionate to self and others.  So far, I find meditation and hypnosis quite effective in curbing my habit.  But I am open to other ideas.  In fact, I did not use either when I decided to quit on my porn habit and somehow I succeeded - at least for half a year.

As for religion and culture, I believe that people are different and have needs unique to others.  I intend this blog to be secular, but I do not wish to keep it away from some basic principles of the Scriptures.  Some people changed for the better through the Gospels.  Others through Zen techniques.  Arguing which one is right or wrong is a waste of time.

Stay tuned for more entries at http://hearttweakers.blogspot.com/

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